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The First


So here it is, our first gi.

Designed with a tailored feminine cut, the lightweight 450gsm Pearl Weave jacket features a narrower waist, flared skirt and a UVA foam collar. The 10 oz cotton canvas pants are made to feel more comfortable and less restrictive, featuring generous width across the bum and legs.

We've added a mix and match option for the jacket and pants to try and accommodate the glorious plethora of shapes and sizes of the BJJ woman!

We've not really had too much trouble with shrinkage, but as always, these should be washed cold, and hung dry.

Please note: those pesky blighters at the factory decided to use one of our older bits of artwork for the care label inside the neck, so you may notice a random F? in the bottom corner. They also don't seem to share our little OCD-esque tendencies, so the emblem on the shin isn't always exactly where we wanted it (grrrrrr!!!!). Because of this, we've knocked £10 off of our usual price of £94.99. 

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