It's all about balance


I haven't done a full post about Fibromyalgia yet, or more specifically, my Fibromyalgia. I've touched on it a few times, but not in lots of detail.

Recent changes in my routine, and a new found motivation has found me currently upping my training and cleaning up my diet. The diet side is a pretty common thing to get in check when you’re regularly exercising, but for me it’s so much more than that. What I eat has a massive influence on my pain. Not just post training bumps, bruises, aches and pains, but full body, hands and feet on fire kinda pain.

This got me thinking that now’s as good a time as any to get talking about the big F!

NHS describe Fibromyalgia as a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. They state that as well as widespread pain, people with fibromyalgia may also have:
• increased sensitivity to pain
• fatigue (extreme tiredness)
• muscle stiffness
• difficulty sleeping
• problems with mental processes (known as "fibro-fog") – such as problems with memory and concentration
• headaches
• irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Wikipedia's definition is pretty similar...
Fibromyalgia (FM) is a medical condition characterised by chronic widespread pain and a heightened pain response to pressure. Other symptoms include feeling tired to a degree that normal activities are affected, sleep problems, and troubles with memory. Some people also report restless legs syndrome, bowel or bladder problems, numbness and tingling, and sensitivity to noise, lights or temperature. Fibromyalgia is frequently associated with depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Other types of chronic pain are also frequently present.

And Boots WebMD lists some of the glorious symptoms...
Fibromyalgia causes you to ache all over. You may have symptoms of crippling fatigue - even on getting up in the morning. Specific trigger points or tender points on the body may be painful to touch. You may experience swelling, disturbances in deep-level or restful sleep, and mood disturbances or depression.
Your muscles may feel like they have been overworked or pulled. They’ll feel that way even without exercise or another cause. Sometimes, your muscles twitch, burn, or have deep stabbing pain.
Some patients with FMS have pain and achiness around the joints in the neck, shoulder, back, and hips. This makes it difficult for them to sleep or exercise. Other fibromyalgia symptoms include:
• Abdominal pain
• Anxiety and depression
• Chronic headaches
• Difficulty maintaining sleep or light sleep
• Dryness in mouth, nose, and eyes
• Fatigue upon arising
• Hypersensitivity to cold and/or heat
• Inability to concentrate (called “fibro fog”)
• Incontinence
• Irritable bowel syndrome
Numbness or tingling in the fingers and feet
• Painful menstrual cramps
• Poor circulation in hands and feet (called Raynaud’s phenomenon)
• Restless legs syndrome
• Stiffness
• Fibromyalgia can cause signs and feelings similar to osteoarthritis, bursitis and tendonitis.

So let’s start with the pain. It’s always there. It never goes away. A delightful constant reminder. I’ve learnt to tolerate the ‘normal level of pain’, but then there’s the flare ups. These vary from me feeling a little worse, to physically not being able to move and my whole body feeling like it’s shutting down. Imagine that post leg day after burn, when you’ve lifted more than you’ve ever lifted and done more reps than you’ve ever done. Now multiply that by the biggest number you know. Now imagine that feeling everywhere – not just your legs and bum -  your whole body, even your mouth, which makes eating fun.

It's like my body can't recognise or process the feeling of pressure against it. When I sit on a chair I don’t feel the pressure of my body against it, all I feel is pain and discomfort (now, imagine knee on belly - knee on belly squared!). I have to get plenty of rest to avoid severe pain flare ups but how do you rest when you can’t sit?

I have to balance my exertions with rest. But I want to train. I look after two children. I run a business from home. I keep the house in check. It’s a pretty big juggling act!


n the last few years I’ve realised how much my diet is linked to my Fibro pain. Things that cause increases in my pain are the standard offenders:

• Chocolate/sweets/sugary tasty tasty treats (sad face!)

• White potato/White rice/White pasta/Bread

• Dairy

So my diet consists of air and clouds! Basically I need some sort of Fibro meals on wheels! I need to keep my vitamin D up (Vitamin D deficiency can mimic some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia). I need to avoid additives and highly processed foods. I should eat more fish, but I’m not the biggest fan of the oily ones! I should cut down on red meat (I can hear Jon wince at the thought of less beef and bacon!).I keep away from caffeine where possible. And I need to eat all the vegetables! It’s not just about keeping my pain at bay, this all helps to keep my energy up.

On a serious note, Jon and I have made some really nice meals and luckily the little ones eat anything and everything so that makes things so much easier! But trying keep on top of all of it is very difficult!

I’m now training BJJ 3-4 days a week and I’m looking at adding in an early morning gym session soon. I’ve got my vitamins and protein shakes and Jon researched various supplements that can help too so I’m literally going to rattle and roll, but it all seems to be working so far. I’m still treading very carefully though – no matter how much I try and control my diet, and get my body used to regular training, it can all change in an instant. Flare ups can occur at any time – and they don’t care if I’ve eaten well, and rested lots.

But I’m more determined than ever. I’m going to get my body to where I want it to be both physically and for BJJ, and I’m going to give my girls a healthy and energetic mum, who can join in with anything and everything. It’s all about balance.

So wish me luck!


That's not me

I’ve seen a few posts go up recently – people struggling to find the motivation to train for various reasons, the main one being confidence. And this is definitely the one I’ve been struggling with too.

A few weeks ago my confidence hit an all time low. I didn’t want to leave the house unless I absolutely had to – and when I had to I’d wear a baseball cap to try to cover my hair and face. I lost confidence in every aspect of my life – from my appearance right through to writing instagram posts and responding to customers! I constantly felt that everything I did wasn’t good enough. I struggled to get back on the mats and found reasons not to train.

And that's not me.

I took some steps to try and help myself feel better. I had my hair done – which helped for a while, but ultimately was just masking what I was going through. Eventually I got myself back on the mats and loved it – I felt so much better, it’s amazing the difference it made. I came home motivated and enthusiastic and felt back on track.

… and then, with perfect timing, I was slapped in the face by the snot monster and had a horrendous head cold. This then decided to mix with some tension headaches. And not one to be left out, my Fibromyalgia decided to join the party and treat me to some delightful pain flare ups. A cocktail of aches and pains! It put me all the way back to where I was. No confindence. Not wanting to leave the house. I just wanted to hide away from everyone.

Doing our recent advert for the Fury rashguard freaked me out big time. I didn’t want to be in photos. I didn’t feel like I could represent our brand. We’re for strong women – and I felt the furthest from that! I finally pushed myself to do it though, but under the premise we’d crop my face out of them (something which I was later persuaded wasn’t the way forward!). I agonisingly pawed over each picture, picking myself apart. In the end I just had to send them to Jon to sort out – otherwise it never would of happened – I would’ve just deleted them all and got back on the sofa!

The last straw was my worst nightmare - seeing my lack of confidence spread to our 5 year old Marlee. She’d become reluctant to train, came out with excuses, and started saying things like she felt she wasn’t doing very well so it wasn’t worth going. This really hit home and showed me that I don’t just need to do this for me, I need to show her that even when you are struggling you have to keep trying. Never give up. I’ve reassured her that I’m back training tonight and I’m back in the routine of it all, and she’s agreed that if I can do it then so can she.

So now I’m finally on the up. My cold is on it’s last legs. The tension headaches are still lingering a bit and the Fibro pain is ever present, but I’m feeling better in myself. I just need to get back on the mats and start living a healthier lifestyle again. I’ve learnt that we all need to be kinder to ourselves and stop beating ourselves up over everything. I put way too much pressure on myself - I feel like I have to do everything like some sort of crazy super woman, but I know I just need to slow down a bit, and accept help. For once I’ve actually listened to advice (probably need to go and pick my mum and Jon off the floor for saying that!) – I’ve got as much rest in as I could (well, as much as you can being a mum of two) and now I’m ready to get back on the mats tonight!


My Biggest Obstacle


Things have been crap!

I’m struggling to get my head around stuff.

I want to train, everyday if I could, but I can’t. Things get in the way. Life, family, other commitments. And that’s fine. But the gaps between sessions are hard! My body still isn’t used to it all. I’m having to rebuild my strength and stamina.

But worse than that – my biggest obstacle - I’m really struggling to regain my confidence.

Normally, I don’t care what people think about me. I look and dress how I want. I have a strong opinion on how I should hold myself. But when it comes to training it’s like someone has flicked the biggest self-consciousness switch in the history of the world, ever!

I’m fine with the person I’m rolling with. It’s the thought of other people watching that gets me. The idea that they’re going to see me mess up and make stupid mistakes. And the ‘mistakes’ themselves don’t bother me - I know I’m going to learn from them - but for whatever reason my mind makes a bigger deal of them!

Knowing people are watching makes me freeze up. I don’t push myself. The competitive part of me hides. I lose my fire and feistiness. I feel like I did when I first started training, which really gets to me as I’d gotten myself to a good place both physically and mentally before the pregnancy.

Not to mention that I’m one of just a few girls at our gym. It’s not easy. I’m not there to look good or get attention, but I feel added pressure to give 110% the whole time, and not let the ladies down! And all of this pressure isn’t from my teammates – I love everyone I train with, they’re all amazingly supportive and would never want me to feel this way – it’s from me and my insecurities. From having so much time off. From my body shape completely changing after having a second baby. From holding back, and asking my training partners to hold back too, due to having a C-section. It’s all affected my training more than I wanted to admit.

However…all of this has given me even more determination to improve. I will not let my insecurities win. I will not let my stupid overthinking kick my ass!


Awesome Christmas present from the mothership - Whisky Wolf // The Grappler's Gift // Destroy long-sleeve rashguard

Back at it


After frustratingly having to take last week off, I got back on the mats this week. It was just what the Doctor ordered after dealing with a very testing 5 year old, plus lots of pretty nasty trouble going on in our neighbourhood. The perfect stress buster.

I had a bonus mini training session after the kids class on Sunday – including getting help and advice from one of the guys to help me develop my game through practicing techniques that incorporate my strengths. I’m enjoying working on my spider guard along with my positional strength and pressure.

And then came no gi Tuesday....

I turned up early for some extra drilling with a few of the guys, but basically ended up rolling for half an hour with two of the big guys…it hurt! It was fun, bit hurt! Not ideal feeling so wiped before the class has even started. I managed to suck it up and get stuck into some more single leg X-guard, foot locks and heel hooks – my feet are still on firehaha. I’m starting to find single leg X quite a natural position to get into, even managing to land in it during Sundays rolls, which was amazing!

Physically I’m on the up too. I’m stretching regularly to get my flexibility back to where I want it. I’ve started doing some bodyweight exercises at home to work on my upper body strength…or lack of! And in terms of my C-section my stomach is feeling great and not giving any trouble.



Been a bit MIA recently, sorry! Things have just been pretty full on, from Rainha to a teething baby and then some. Not that it’s stopped me training – just blogging haha.

That being said, I had to take my first night off on Tuesday, missing the awesome No Gi class. I’ve been managing, and loving, two BJJ classes a week but teamed with the fact I walk a minimum of 4 miles a day taking Marlee to and from school it would seem it finally caught up with me.

Instead I spent the evening curled up on the sofa with the teething screaming mini person, both feeling sorry for ourselves! It sucked and was massively disheartening – I’ve been feeling stronger and my energy has increased (especially since the little one moved on to bottles!) – but there’s nothing I can do to control both the constant pain along with its flare ups. After some recommendations I’ve been trying CBD oil, which has definitely taken the edge off, but sadly there’s no magic cure.

Hopefully the night off has helped my body recover enough that I’ll be ready for tomorrows class but it’s all just a waiting game. I just have to play it by ear. Again.

Coming back to the awesome No Gi classes: I’ve been absolutely loving it. We’ve been learning some great techniques - I’ve been enjoying me some single leg X-guard, which I’m yet to nail whilst rolling, but hey, that’s what drilling is for. Practice makes perfect, right?! I also love the faster pace and intensity of No Gi, even though I’m coming home with millions of little bruises everywhere and sore and aching knees from practising takedowns.

The benefits of Jon and I training on alternate days is that we’re attending different classes, taught by different people. When one comes home from a session it becomes a bit of a ‘show and tell’, where we start picking each others brains about what the other has just learnt – which is awesome. We then filter bits out that we think would work well in the kids classes, so everyone’s a winner!

So far, between the 3 of us training (Effie will start as soon as she starts crawling haha), we’ve managed to find a pretty good balance. We’re all training as much as possible whilst still having family time, homework time and housework time. It’s a tiring and sometimes confusing juggling act but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wish me luck for tomorrow -  hopefully I can make it and get back into my routine!


Happy New Year!!

I’m back and ready to roll after a much needed Christmas break.

The lead up to Christmas was busy, eventful and difficult – trying to find a balance between family life, work and training isn’t the easiest thing, especially with 3 of us trying to fit in classes, and a new baby involved. But we think we may just have nailed it. I guess we’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

The weekend before Christmas we had our end of year seminar at Phoenix HQ in Bournemouth with the awesome Micah Atkinson. It consisted of two hours no-gi, an hour to grab some lunch and catch up, and then two hours gi. I felt that four hours training would’ve been a bit of a push on my body so I decided to save myself for the gi session. I loved watching the no-gi though, and it’s definitely something I’m going to get stuck in to this year (my first class is tonight in fact, and to say I’m nervous is a massive understatement, but the nerves are mixed with excitement, I can’t wait!).

The gi session was awesome. We learnt some great techniques from butterfly guard, some single leg x-guard stuff and more. Jon stuck with Marlee, so I could concentrate fully. I learnt so much. Plus I felt great doing it, which gave me a whole new level of determination to get my fitness back to, and beyond, where it was last year.

The highlight of the day was the promotions though. Late last year I’d set myself a goal of getting two stripes on my belt by the summer, but massively to my surprise I received them on the day! Jon got his second stripe on his blue, and best of all Marlee received her grey and white belt! She was so happy and we could not be more proud of the little furball! All receiving promotions together was amazing and really solidified our love of BJJ and training together. Now we just need to get the little one involved when she’s old enough and we’re sorted!


I’m still feeling unbelievably grateful and in shock to receive my stripes. It’s definitely given me the drive to keep going, keep pushing through the obstacles that are in my way, and ultimately to keep progressing. I’m upping my training, started eating much healthier again, and can’t wait to see what the new year holds.


One Step At A Time

This week was rubbish and I didn't train.

I bit the bullet, admitted (temporary!!!) defeat and got some rest! Our end of year seminar is this weekend so it was probably for the best – I don’t want to be too wiped out to do it!

Fortunately we had a friends leaving do which distracted me from the fact I wasn’t training – we went to the Xmas market and watched Marlee devour a Bratwurst bigger than her face.


Physically…I’m still waiting for the ‘rest’ to pay off. I don’t feel any better for it, even though I know it’s doing me some good.

Mentally… I’m itching to get back on the mats. I’m trying to keep myself occupied with working, as well as jumping aboard the YouTube BJJ train, watching tutorials and competitions.

So, sadly, there’s no training pictures this week or updates on my progression. But on a positive note I've had lots of quality time (cuddles!!!) with the kids, plus Jon makes a pretty good man slave, making me dinner and bringing me plenty of snacks! 


My Friend Pain


…it just doesn’t seem a strong enough word to describe how I’ve been feeling since Friday night. It really doesn’t do it justice!

A couple of rounds in to flow rolling and I had to stop.

Every muscle in my body feels rock solid, and my hands and feet are on fire. I’m so disheartened, everything was going so well, and I could feel my improvements from the last few weeks slowly getting me back to how I was before pregnancy.

And now I find myself sat in the corner of the mats, trying to breathe through the pain, trying to pull it together, trying to make it look like I’m just chilling and taking a breather - when all I really want to do is run outside, throw up and collapse (preferably avoiding the aforementioned puddle of puke!).

I manage to ‘stubborn’ my way through the rest of the class, rolling with some great people who help me develop my skills whilst understanding that I’m not feeling amazing. I concentrate on the basics – fundamentals which will help me relax a little, and not feel like I’m fighting for my life every time I’m rolling!

By the time I’m home, my whole body is shutting down. I can barely move. Even the running water of the shower hurts. It’s going to be a long week of recovering!

Does the pain suck? Yes!

Does the exhaustion suck? Yes!

Am I fed up of it? Of course I am!!

But I’m not going to be put off. When rolling it all melts away. I’m just in the moment, concentrating on movements, relaxing, unwinding, de-stressing and enjoying the roll.

I knew it would take time to build my body back up to training. The first few months especially were always going to be tough. But it’ll be worth the effort to push through it. I’ll always have the pain and exhaustion but it will become easier to manage both physically and emotionally. Mentally I’ll become happier and calmer and my physical recovery time will improve to the point where I may even be able to train most days…well that’s obviously the dream!

For now though I’m forcing myself to rest as much as possible this week. It’s driving me nuts but I have to go though the motions for the long term.

But I will get there.


Brain VS Body

Not only did I get to train more than once this weekend, I also got the opportunity to roll with Morgan - one of the awesome girls we sponsor. Thankfully she was kind and didn't destroy me! She’s very technical, has legs (and energy) for days, and her poker face is rubbish (the massive grin before she did anything always gave it away…not that I could stop it happening though!).

Things really feel like they’re starting to fall in to place, and with the help of the guys I’m rolling with, techniques are starting to stick more and more. I really want to train more, but I have to keep reminding myself to take my time!!!

My pain is very slowly becoming easier to tolerate, especially now training has started to become routine again.


I am still struggling to last the whole hour and a half though. The worst part being when I physically cannot keep my head and shoulders off the mat, no matter how hard I try! The consistent burning sensation I’ve had in my hands and feet for over a week, my fingers lacking any strength, my back and neck feeling like they are broken - none of this has put me off wanting to train every night. It pushes me to power through it all because training keeps me sane!

It's so infuriating when I can't stop or control the pain. I mean, it's my body; I should be able to right?! Why can't it work that way?! It’s a constant battle, Brain vs Body.

The other struggle right now is having the lil people there. We are lucky because Marlee tends to play and entertain herself or practice her rolling (most of the time!). But Effie is still so small. When she cries I can feel myself switch into mummy mode mid roll which has, on more than one occasion, distracted me so much that I ended up in a bad position!


Somehow I think it’s going to be a while before that changes though!

To Roll or not To Roll?!

Another Friday rolled around, and with it a tough decision had to be made due to my pain and fatigue – push myself and train, or take the night off and rest and recover?

…I chose training, obviously!

I was sore, exhausted, freezing and so tempted to just go back home, but I’m glad I didn’t. Everything started clicking again, my body remembered what to do before I knew what was going on. I even managed to triangle somebody so fluidly and naturally – although I put it down to luck haha. Fluke or not, it totally justified me pushing through the pain to train.

I’m still struggling to last the full session though. My body struggles to keep up with the movements, and I feel my core lose strength as the class goes on, leaving me with my back pinned to the mats more often than I’d like. These are things I have to remind myself will improve with time – just flow roll, take it easy, don’t get too competitive…yet.

The joy of my improvements didn't come without consequences. A pain flare up hit before I’d even walked through my front door! I ended up crashing out on the sofa before I could even eat, which isn’t ideal, especially for a breast feeding mum. But physically I could not keep my body going!

I haven’t let the pain dampen my positivity though. I just need to make sure I eat well and get plenty of rest this week, so I’m as prepared as possible for this Friday.


To top off a great weekend of BJJ, our eldest lil lady Marlee was awarded 2 more stripes on her white belt (bases are loaded!) this weekend, at Phoenix Andover!!! She has since reminded me that she is well a head of me, and that I need to work hard to catch up. 

She was also told that if she works hard and concentrates just a little bit more she’s not far from her grey and white belt!

Although a little upset that she didn't get a belt when a few of her training partners did, she was so grown up about it – clapping and congratulating them. No tears. No tantrums. Just joy for her teammates and the decision to work harder to get her next belt! This kind of behaviour from a 5 year old is amazing, and a true testament to the effect BJJ has had on her. Teaching her to encourage and support others as well as motivating her to work hard to improve and achieve her goals!

We could not be more proud of her.


Smiling through the pain

So this blog post was written from the bath (dangerous game I know, new phone in the bath!). Sadly this wasn't a bath to pamper myself, this was a bath to try and ease the excruciating amount of pain I'm in!

(So a brief note on how fibromyalgia affects me. I'm in all over pain 24/7. This pain can flare up and then it can go back to, what I call, it's normal level. It never goes away! That topped with chronic fatigue is awesome.)

Today a severe pain flare up has decided to rear its ugly head and the worst part is I have no control over it! For starters, my hands and feet feel like I've been on bear crawling hot coals. My whole body feels like it's been hit with a truck and any pressure on my body, even sitting on the sofa, feels like being beaten with a baseball bat.

Sadly the bath doesn't feel like it helps physically. If I put my hands and feet in the warm water the burning sensation gets worse. But I know it makes a difference in the long run.

The bath is an attempt to calm me down mentally. The constant pain is hard enough to deal with daty-to-day, but during a flare up it's a lot harder to handle emotionally. I close my eyes and just repeat to myself, over and over ...

I will get through it.

It will get easier.

Push through it.

Don't give up!!!

This is the hard part of balancing this illness with my love of BJJ. Trying to work out when pushing through the pain is a good idea and when I should just stop and rest! I'm a very (VERY!!!) stubborn person and sometimes like to pretend I'm fine and keep pushing!! That's when Jon is the voice of reason, he encourages me to stop and rest when I need to pace myself, so I can push myself that but further another day!

Training on Friday was great - I'm starting to find my way again and remembering how to move - but the down side is I have no idea how long my flare ups last for and how intense they will get.

I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens next!

Back to basics


I woke up Saturday morning with sore knees, covered in bruises and fingers that feel like they don't work - all the signs of a successful first night back at training!

I was unbelievably nervous.

Not just who I would roll with, but with how my body was going to react! My brain kept going blank. I constantly felt myself being overly cautious, worried about feeling the muscles in my stomach pulling or tearing…but I didn't feel anything like that at all! My flexibility and hip mobility was the same as before. My strength and cardio wasn’t amazing - but to be fair they were better than I thought they were going to be!! 


I still have a long way to go, I feel like I'm starting from scratch again, but I loved every second of it!!

I really need to concentrate on my base again and my sweeps. I need to totally go back to the basics. It's going to be a long journey to get back to where I was, but I will get there.

So far my fibromyalgia hasn't flared up badly, which is great considering the amount of work I'm putting my body through. I'm back to my original diet -reducing the amount of wheat, gluten, dairy and sugar I'm having - which really helps keep my pain and fatigue at a minimum. I need to pace myself and not go back too hard and fast, giving my body time to rest. But the main thing is I’m back on the mats!

So it begins.....


It’s 9 weeks to the day since I endured an emergency C-section, delivering the newest and smallest member of Team Rainha.

Going months without training has been absolute hell… don’t get me wrong, looking at this little squidge next to me (and ignoring the impending smell of poop) it’s totally worth it…but missing training for so long was not fun. Not only that, but now I’m frustratingly trying to figure out a safe and sensible (and in no way impatient!) recovery time so I can begin the countdown to my return to the mats. All I was really told was basically not to do anything for 6 weeks, which in itself is more than enough to drive me completely mental!

Monday just gone, 61 days days post-surgery, I decided enough was enough and had to train. After so long off, and not knowing what I was capable of anymore, I couldn’t bear the pressure of going to a class though, so Jon and I decided to take the little people to the gym when there was no one else there. We did some light drilling followed by flow rolling…avoiding any knee on belly…well, at least his knee and my belly anyway!

It was amazing getting back on the mats again - I finally felt all of the stress and anxiety from the last few months just melt away…albeit whilst feeling like Bambi on ice again! I struggled with my base and found it hard to remember sweeps, guard passes and submissions. My brain was completely blank and it was like I was walking in completely fresh again!

So I guess here is the beginning of my journey as a brand new white belt again - balancing training with two children, fibromyalgia, a business and Jon (he is a big kid, bless him).


What a great weekend we've just had at the BJJ junior nationals. It was awesome to finally meet 3 of our girls and watch them compete. They were all amazing on and off the mats and we're so proud to have them as part of our little family.

Abbi took gold in her division and the next weight up too for good measure. Madi also defended her crown, taking gold for the second year running. Morgan won a tough semi final, but unfortunately had to withdraw from the final due to injury, taking the silver. 

Abbi, Madi, Morgan girls are ace!

Abbi Rae - World Champion!!!

We are so so sooooo proud and pleased for Abbi. She's absolutely worked her butt off, and all of her hard work and dedication paid off yesterday when she took GOLD at the Kids Pan Ams in Long Beach, California. Congratulations Champ!!!

Also a massive well done to the rest of the Kids UK BJJ Elite squad - who will be giving the metal detectors at the airport a tough time on the way home!!! 

Rainha Athletes

We are so happy to announce that we have now sponsored four amazing girls. If you want to find out more about them check them out on our Athletes page!

Women festival

Our very own Josie is on a panel at this great event celebrating the achievements of women. She'll be involved in discussing topics such as Sexualising Women, Sizing of Women, Gender pay gap, Are women still seen as the weaker sex? How women are creating a backlash with the use of media highlighting gender issues, and The media's psychological impact on today's youth of beauty ideals (moralistic advertising - Photoshop editing). 

The weekend also includes workshops curated by leading women in the fashion industry, influential artists and marketeers!