So it begins.....


It’s 9 weeks to the day since I endured an emergency C-section, delivering the newest and smallest member of Team Rainha.

Going months without training has been absolute hell… don’t get me wrong, looking at this little squidge next to me (and ignoring the impending smell of poop) it’s totally worth it…but missing training for so long was not fun. Not only that, but now I’m frustratingly trying to figure out a safe and sensible (and in no way impatient!) recovery time so I can begin the countdown to my return to the mats. All I was really told was basically not to do anything for 6 weeks, which in itself is more than enough to drive me completely mental!

Monday just gone, 61 days days post-surgery, I decided enough was enough and had to train. After so long off, and not knowing what I was capable of anymore, I couldn’t bear the pressure of going to a class though, so Jon and I decided to take the little people to the gym when there was no one else there. We did some light drilling followed by flow rolling…avoiding any knee on belly…well, at least his knee and my belly anyway!

It was amazing getting back on the mats again - I finally felt all of the stress and anxiety from the last few months just melt away…albeit whilst feeling like Bambi on ice again! I struggled with my base and found it hard to remember sweeps, guard passes and submissions. My brain was completely blank and it was like I was walking in completely fresh again!

So I guess here is the beginning of my journey as a brand new white belt again - balancing training with two children, fibromyalgia, a business and Jon (he is a big kid, bless him).