To Roll or not To Roll?!

Another Friday rolled around, and with it a tough decision had to be made due to my pain and fatigue – push myself and train, or take the night off and rest and recover?

…I chose training, obviously!

I was sore, exhausted, freezing and so tempted to just go back home, but I’m glad I didn’t. Everything started clicking again, my body remembered what to do before I knew what was going on. I even managed to triangle somebody so fluidly and naturally – although I put it down to luck haha. Fluke or not, it totally justified me pushing through the pain to train.

I’m still struggling to last the full session though. My body struggles to keep up with the movements, and I feel my core lose strength as the class goes on, leaving me with my back pinned to the mats more often than I’d like. These are things I have to remind myself will improve with time – just flow roll, take it easy, don’t get too competitive…yet.

The joy of my improvements didn't come without consequences. A pain flare up hit before I’d even walked through my front door! I ended up crashing out on the sofa before I could even eat, which isn’t ideal, especially for a breast feeding mum. But physically I could not keep my body going!

I haven’t let the pain dampen my positivity though. I just need to make sure I eat well and get plenty of rest this week, so I’m as prepared as possible for this Friday.


To top off a great weekend of BJJ, our eldest lil lady Marlee was awarded 2 more stripes on her white belt (bases are loaded!) this weekend, at Phoenix Andover!!! She has since reminded me that she is well a head of me, and that I need to work hard to catch up. 

She was also told that if she works hard and concentrates just a little bit more she’s not far from her grey and white belt!

Although a little upset that she didn't get a belt when a few of her training partners did, she was so grown up about it – clapping and congratulating them. No tears. No tantrums. Just joy for her teammates and the decision to work harder to get her next belt! This kind of behaviour from a 5 year old is amazing, and a true testament to the effect BJJ has had on her. Teaching her to encourage and support others as well as motivating her to work hard to improve and achieve her goals!

We could not be more proud of her.