Brain VS Body

Not only did I get to train more than once this weekend, I also got the opportunity to roll with Morgan - one of the awesome girls we sponsor. Thankfully she was kind and didn't destroy me! She’s very technical, has legs (and energy) for days, and her poker face is rubbish (the massive grin before she did anything always gave it away…not that I could stop it happening though!).

Things really feel like they’re starting to fall in to place, and with the help of the guys I’m rolling with, techniques are starting to stick more and more. I really want to train more, but I have to keep reminding myself to take my time!!!

My pain is very slowly becoming easier to tolerate, especially now training has started to become routine again.


I am still struggling to last the whole hour and a half though. The worst part being when I physically cannot keep my head and shoulders off the mat, no matter how hard I try! The consistent burning sensation I’ve had in my hands and feet for over a week, my fingers lacking any strength, my back and neck feeling like they are broken - none of this has put me off wanting to train every night. It pushes me to power through it all because training keeps me sane!

It's so infuriating when I can't stop or control the pain. I mean, it's my body; I should be able to right?! Why can't it work that way?! It’s a constant battle, Brain vs Body.

The other struggle right now is having the lil people there. We are lucky because Marlee tends to play and entertain herself or practice her rolling (most of the time!). But Effie is still so small. When she cries I can feel myself switch into mummy mode mid roll which has, on more than one occasion, distracted me so much that I ended up in a bad position!


Somehow I think it’s going to be a while before that changes though!