One Step At A Time

This week was rubbish and I didn't train.

I bit the bullet, admitted (temporary!!!) defeat and got some rest! Our end of year seminar is this weekend so it was probably for the best – I don’t want to be too wiped out to do it!

Fortunately we had a friends leaving do which distracted me from the fact I wasn’t training – we went to the Xmas market and watched Marlee devour a Bratwurst bigger than her face.


Physically…I’m still waiting for the ‘rest’ to pay off. I don’t feel any better for it, even though I know it’s doing me some good.

Mentally… I’m itching to get back on the mats. I’m trying to keep myself occupied with working, as well as jumping aboard the YouTube BJJ train, watching tutorials and competitions.

So, sadly, there’s no training pictures this week or updates on my progression. But on a positive note I've had lots of quality time (cuddles!!!) with the kids, plus Jon makes a pretty good man slave, making me dinner and bringing me plenty of snacks!