Been a bit MIA recently, sorry! Things have just been pretty full on, from Rainha to a teething baby and then some. Not that it’s stopped me training – just blogging haha.

That being said, I had to take my first night off on Tuesday, missing the awesome No Gi class. I’ve been managing, and loving, two BJJ classes a week but teamed with the fact I walk a minimum of 4 miles a day taking Marlee to and from school it would seem it finally caught up with me.

Instead I spent the evening curled up on the sofa with the teething screaming mini person, both feeling sorry for ourselves! It sucked and was massively disheartening – I’ve been feeling stronger and my energy has increased (especially since the little one moved on to bottles!) – but there’s nothing I can do to control both the constant pain along with its flare ups. After some recommendations I’ve been trying CBD oil, which has definitely taken the edge off, but sadly there’s no magic cure.

Hopefully the night off has helped my body recover enough that I’ll be ready for tomorrows class but it’s all just a waiting game. I just have to play it by ear. Again.

Coming back to the awesome No Gi classes: I’ve been absolutely loving it. We’ve been learning some great techniques - I’ve been enjoying me some single leg X-guard, which I’m yet to nail whilst rolling, but hey, that’s what drilling is for. Practice makes perfect, right?! I also love the faster pace and intensity of No Gi, even though I’m coming home with millions of little bruises everywhere and sore and aching knees from practising takedowns.

The benefits of Jon and I training on alternate days is that we’re attending different classes, taught by different people. When one comes home from a session it becomes a bit of a ‘show and tell’, where we start picking each others brains about what the other has just learnt – which is awesome. We then filter bits out that we think would work well in the kids classes, so everyone’s a winner!

So far, between the 3 of us training (Effie will start as soon as she starts crawling haha), we’ve managed to find a pretty good balance. We’re all training as much as possible whilst still having family time, homework time and housework time. It’s a tiring and sometimes confusing juggling act but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wish me luck for tomorrow -  hopefully I can make it and get back into my routine!