Back at it


After frustratingly having to take last week off, I got back on the mats this week. It was just what the Doctor ordered after dealing with a very testing 5 year old, plus lots of pretty nasty trouble going on in our neighbourhood. The perfect stress buster.

I had a bonus mini training session after the kids class on Sunday – including getting help and advice from one of the guys to help me develop my game through practicing techniques that incorporate my strengths. I’m enjoying working on my spider guard along with my positional strength and pressure.

And then came no gi Tuesday....

I turned up early for some extra drilling with a few of the guys, but basically ended up rolling for half an hour with two of the big guys…it hurt! It was fun, bit hurt! Not ideal feeling so wiped before the class has even started. I managed to suck it up and get stuck into some more single leg X-guard, foot locks and heel hooks – my feet are still on firehaha. I’m starting to find single leg X quite a natural position to get into, even managing to land in it during Sundays rolls, which was amazing!

Physically I’m on the up too. I’m stretching regularly to get my flexibility back to where I want it. I’ve started doing some bodyweight exercises at home to work on my upper body strength…or lack of! And in terms of my C-section my stomach is feeling great and not giving any trouble.