Happy New Year!!

I’m back and ready to roll after a much needed Christmas break.

The lead up to Christmas was busy, eventful and difficult – trying to find a balance between family life, work and training isn’t the easiest thing, especially with 3 of us trying to fit in classes, and a new baby involved. But we think we may just have nailed it. I guess we’ll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

The weekend before Christmas we had our end of year seminar at Phoenix HQ in Bournemouth with the awesome Micah Atkinson. It consisted of two hours no-gi, an hour to grab some lunch and catch up, and then two hours gi. I felt that four hours training would’ve been a bit of a push on my body so I decided to save myself for the gi session. I loved watching the no-gi though, and it’s definitely something I’m going to get stuck in to this year (my first class is tonight in fact, and to say I’m nervous is a massive understatement, but the nerves are mixed with excitement, I can’t wait!).

The gi session was awesome. We learnt some great techniques from butterfly guard, some single leg x-guard stuff and more. Jon stuck with Marlee, so I could concentrate fully. I learnt so much. Plus I felt great doing it, which gave me a whole new level of determination to get my fitness back to, and beyond, where it was last year.

The highlight of the day was the promotions though. Late last year I’d set myself a goal of getting two stripes on my belt by the summer, but massively to my surprise I received them on the day! Jon got his second stripe on his blue, and best of all Marlee received her grey and white belt! She was so happy and we could not be more proud of the little furball! All receiving promotions together was amazing and really solidified our love of BJJ and training together. Now we just need to get the little one involved when she’s old enough and we’re sorted!


I’m still feeling unbelievably grateful and in shock to receive my stripes. It’s definitely given me the drive to keep going, keep pushing through the obstacles that are in my way, and ultimately to keep progressing. I’m upping my training, started eating much healthier again, and can’t wait to see what the new year holds.