Supporting UK athletes at the Euros


What's that? 

... Oh just two of the UK's top ranked females, Kat Hill and Kyra Robinson, wearing the official UKBJJA gi for the 2016 Euros at training today.

...and the gi's just happen to feature our logo amongst some other great brands! So awesome that we get to support such great athletes!!! 

Whoop Tererê!

Amazing time at the Fernando Tererê seminar. Although I couldn’t join in due to injury, Jon loved every second of it, and everyone definitely got put through their paces! It’s always a great opportunity and honour to hang out with the big man himself!

The BJJ247 Southern Open

In December Josie had the chance to compete at her first every competition! She loved every second of it despite being so nervous she wanted to throw up the whole time! This was a big step for her as its taken 9 months for her to get to a point, with having fibromyalgia, that she had the energy and strength to do it!  

We all medalled, with Josie getting gold winning her match, and Marlee picking up a gold for being there, cheering everyone on during their fights and being super cute! 

Little and large

We love being able to train as a family! Marlee prefer’s boxing at the moment (although we are slowly working on that he he!) she has a great time coming along and joining in... especially if it means she gets to throw Jon around!



And so it begins...

So here is our journey from training as a family, battling health issues, working and taking care of a family, to deciding to really support women’s BJJ with a brand that we wanted to be tailored just for them, and also using it as a platform to get behind all the women training their butts off!