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PREORDER: Fury rashguard


So a few years back we entered a competition being held by the delightful and uber talented Bos Creations (boscreations.co.uk), the prize being custom illustration by the man himself. We never win anything, and as such, didn't expect to win anything, only really sharing the post (on our personal pages) to support another small business.

But something weird happened...and lo and behold we only went and got picked out of the blooming digital hat! But we didn't want to be selfish and have a design just for us - we wanted to come up with an image we could share with all of you. A strong image of a strong woman. And it has to be said, we think that he has done a damn fine job!

The rashguards themselves are cut specifically for ladies and based on more of a compression top fit so they are fairly snug as you can see in the pics. This helps them stay in place whilst rolling...as much as they can anyway! If you're unsure, or prefer a bit of a looser fit then order a size up. There's flatlock stitching throughout for comfort and quality, and the artwork is fully sublimated, so it's going nowhere! 

Oh and did we mention that these are available in sizes UK6 - UK24!

These are currently not in stock - this is a pre-order which will run until 03/11/19 (at which point the pre-orders will stop). From then we wait. Hopefully we’ll get everything within 6-8weeks… it could be a little longer ...it shouldn't ...but just worth mentioning that it could, just in case! And the moment they get to us we'll get them packaged up and go and bother the annoyingly nosey lady at the post office meaning you'll get your order as soon as physically possible! Whatever happens, we'll keep you as updated as we are about the whole thing. Pre-order (in case you missed it!!!).

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90% Polyester + 10% Spandex

Colours may vary