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PREORDER: Pressure Vale Tudo shorts


After a roll with my coach, featuring various knee on belly/face/necks along with unreal top pressure (making me wonder whether he’s actually made up of some sort of BJJ dark matter) one of his titbits stuck in my mind (probably couldn’t get out as the rest of me was squished)…”we don’t tap to pressure”. It goes along the whole “pressure makes diamonds” vibe, and I like it, so I put a diamond on it.

And by it I mean our Pressure series, including these custom cut, heavyweight Vale Tudo shorts. Not only are they made from extra thick material, but we’ve added lining to keep them (in the words of Kate Jackson) “side-control-proof”. There's flatlock stitching throughout for comfort and quality, and the artwork is fully sublimated, so it's going nowhere!

These are currently not in stock - this is a pre-order which will run until 15/02/19 (at which point the pre-orders will stop). From then we wait. Hopefully we’ll get everything by the end of March could stray in to April shouldn't ...but just worth mentioning that it could, just in case! And the moment they get to us we'll get them packaged up and go and bother the annoyingly nosey lady at the post office meaning you'll get your rashguard before anyone else (except the other pre-ordering lovelies!). Whatever happens, we'll keep you as updated as we are about the whole thing. Pre-order (in case you missed it!!!).

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